1. Choose your horse. Browse our selection of Iberian horses currently for sale.
  2. To come to Spain or not? Should you want to come and try a horse in mind (or several) we can arrange this for you. Typically a 2-3 day stay is recommended and we can arrange the airport collection as well as accommodation etc. A daily security deposit is charged to cover all incurring costs in the event of you not purchasing a horse; however, this amount is refunded to you in full once the sale is complete. If you wish not to come to Spain prior to purchase then we consider this “purchasing on recommendation” and we can assist you all the way, providing you with the necessary footage to provide you with peace of mind and faith in your purchase.
  3. To vet or not to vet? We always recommend you have your horse vetted previous to purchase but it is entirely your decision and we respect that. An approximate cost of a five star pre-purchase veterinary examination can range between 180-300 Euros. In addition calls out charges are to be taken into account. Blood test is optional, costs range between 60-400 Euros depending on the type of analysis. X-rays are optional; usually a typical estimate is 30-35 Euros per x-ray with a minimum of eight being required. In this case it is our recommendation your trusted vet in your home country write to us with the x-rays they desire to have and we will forward directly to the veterinarian in Spain who will then carry out the process. If you wish to have a regular vet check which does not include x-rays or a blood test we can arrange this and often we will include this type of veterinary pre-purchase examination in the price. Once you are happy with the examination results we can continue with payment of the horse.
  4. Payment. Once you have received the veterinary results and you are content, we can proceed with payment which is traditionally via bank transfer.
  5. Transport. Your horse may remain in Spain for up to 3 weeks livery-free. After this time livery charges will incur. We will arrange the transport for you for no extra cost and provide you with the best quote possible from our trusted international transport agency.
  6. Additional charges. Unlike other agencies we will include the export documentation and the preparation in the price of the horse.  However, some optional yet recommended additional charges to consider are those such as: worming and vaccination (as it is not compulsory in Spain) as well as shoeing if necessary.
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